The Last Homely Hobbit
by Eilye of Landroval
Latest version: 2.1.3 - [5 January 2018]


In days of yore there existed a powerful tome of musical knowledge. One fell day an evil wizard, anxious to keep this power to himself, stole the tome and locked it within a stone tower.

But all was not lost. An intrepid Hobbit burglar named Tamoro resolved to recover the tome. But the wizard had anticipated the attempted recovery, and had laid powerful enchantments to protect his prize. Fortunately for Tamoro, the wizard in his considerable malice could imagine no worse torture to inflict than turning his attacker into a Hobbit, so when his terrible protective magics were released upon Tamoro, the only actual effect was that he became even uglier than he had been before.

When he returned with the prize, the people of Middle Earth were both amazingly grateful and simultaneously appalled by the poor Hobbit's appearance. But their gratefulness won out, and ever after they carried with them the legend of...

The Last Homely Hobbit

So... What Is This?

The Last Homely Hobbit is a Windows desktop utility intended for players of The Lord of the Rings Online who make use of the game's music system. Some of its features:

What Do I Need?

If you are running Windows 7 or better, you should already have the required .NET Framework version installed on your computer. Otherwise, you may obtain .NET Framework version 3.5 (or better) via Windows update. Apart from that, you just need to download this zip file and extract the files within to the folder of your choice.


The Last Homely Hobbit offers the following configurable options under its Settings menu:


The filtering options at the top of the application window allow you to specify the exact attributes (including or not including certain instruments, minimum or maximum number of parts, etc.) you want to see. If you don't select anything up there and click the Filter button, your entire music library will be returned in the results window. As you set more filter options at the top, the results displayed below will become more and more targeted. Remember to click the Filter button (or press ENTER) again after you have made changes to the filters at the top in order to refresh the results view.

The blue button in the "Play" column will allow you to launch the selected song in your ABC player of choice. The button in the "Lyrics" column will search the ABC for lyrics and will display them in a popup window for you. The "Edit" button will open the selected ABC file for editing in your preferred text editor. Finally, the Export Songs button will provide you with two different export options:


The Last Homely Hobbit includes a tool which you can use to examine all of your Lord of the Rings Online music for certain specific issues which can pose impediments to smooth in-game play:

In addition to producing a report of all the issues that it finds, TLHH is able to fix incorrect/missing song durations (by far the most common type of issue) for you automatically. This offers a significant advantage to group play, for if all band members are using a music library with consistent, accurate song durations disclosed in the track names, plugins such as Bandaide and SongbookBB will be able to keep track of which song parts have been synced, and also accurately display the time remaining in each song you play. TLHH also offers you the option of making backup copies of any ABC that it modifies (it creates these backup copies in its own "My Documents\Last Homely Hobbit" folder).